February Breakdown in 2

What Was Most Rewarding?

Building client relationships and continuing to strengthen existing relationships with clients & inspectors.  We don’t want to become that company that runs from client to client.  Yes, electrical is what we do but at the end of each day, we want to reflect as to whether or not we gave our best and treated others as we would have wanted to be treated.  And if we hire out, we want to know that we’re seen & heard rather than feel like we’re just another project.

Most Challenging Project?

This sauna!  Why?  Because it’s European made.

Normally this a fairly simple install but in this case, there was a conflict between the European Manufacture and the U.S. Electrical Code Standards.

This sauna came hardwired from the factory with a SO cord and required a receptacle.  In other countries, this wouldn’t be an issue.  In the U.S. however, code doesn’t permit a permanently installed SO cord and the receptacle would need a GFCI.

The issue with GFCI?  Most sauna manufacturers advise against GFCI due to nuisance tripping.

The workaround?  We installed a disconnect as seen in the picture below. This would have normally failed inspection but given the circumstances, it passed!  No other solution could be provided by the Inspectors so there was an exception made…. although they requested we ask for permission first next time 🙂